Archtech Properties Investment Limited:

A dynamic and innovative construction project and Real Estate Development, consulting company, dedicated to quality design and build delivery system, property development, project management, and project finance.

Incorporated in 2005 as a Real Estate Development & Construction company in Nigeria. Is a one-stop shop for real estate seekers and property investors, who need a comprehensive approach to property development and investment in Nigeria. Our aim is to identifying investment properties and translating them into profitable ventures while ensuring capital appreciation on every investment.

We are recognized as having specialized skills to manage the design/development process with the use of our technical knowledge and expertise in the construction business to provide innovative solutions for investment opportunities wherever you find it.

We also assist our clients in locating their perfect property, helping them in real estate investment negotiations making their investment hassle free and viable for their expected returns. We have the staff, technical backing and experience to produce high-quality projects at the right budget and time.

We served as client representative in real estate negotiations, project manager (project monitoring), involved in design processes and development management on various projects ranging from residential apartments, commercial buildings, and building renovations.

Our Mission

Is to take the challenges that abound in real estate business to create wealth, through development, construction, management, marketing of real estate products, giving value for capital investment and increase the cash flow of our clients, while making a good profit.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the most respectable real estate companies in Nigeria and internationally known for best practices, costumer services and quality project delivery management.

how can we help you?

We will ensure all our clients come back to us because we will meet their needs to the minutest details and give them value for their money.

“The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them. They know what investors want!”

Edward Silverman
Chairman, Bluewater Corp.

Clients ExpectationsMeeting clients’ needs has increasingly become the focus and aim of the construction industry in recent years.
Clients needs are numerous and varying, depending on the type of client. But the three most prominent are;


Certainty of completion date.

Early start of construction work.

Design proposals to be submitted.

Rapid rectification of defects.


Certainty of cost estimates

Value for money

Ease of accountability

Lowest possible tender

Reduction of risks in general

Realistic maintenance and running costs


Generally fit for purpose.

Reliability and durability of design.

Guarantees and after-sales service.

Innovative design/high-quality architecture.

Looking for a First-Class Properties Investment Consultant?

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